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Insanely FUN wedding in Saskatoon!


It’s Sunday evening and I am just about to head to bed. Before I do though, I thought I would play catch up just a little bit more on another AMAZING wedding from 2015! I know, I know, I am behind! But with SO many weddings last year it’s going to take me awhile to get caught up!

What can I possibly say about Paige & Clayton’s wedding in Saskatoon, other than SO.MUCH.FUN. It’s possible I have never laughed so hard in one wedding day and it is surely one of my favorites from last year! We start the day off at their beautiful ceremony in a Saskatoon church as Clayton walks down the aisle with his parents…


When their eyes meet, there is no denying the love between the two of them.


They had a beautiful ceremony and the Pastor kept us all laughing!


After the vows a seriously intense exploding fist bump was in order before they made their way back down the aisle as husband and wife!


We started off the afternoon with the guys shotgunning a beer… because who doesn’t love beer!?


The guys were a hilarious and awesome group who kept me on my toes!


We then headed over to the slightly vintage and super awesome trailer home where we decided to go ALL out for some fun shots!


Meanwhile, the flower girl was not impressed…


They all decided it was a wise idea for a game of beer darts that went quite well for the groom!


After that, the girls and I headed down to some beautiful spots in the park for some pictures.


It was then time to shower the bride and groom with love..

Afterward, the bride & groom and I headed off for some shots of just the two of them!


That was the end of the day for me and was it ever a great day! Seriously, such a fun and amazing group of people! Paige and Clayton were both such genuine people and it was such an honor to spend the day documenting their wedding!

Looking forward to updating you with another amazing wedding soon!

xo- Martine

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