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How I prepare for a wedding & a adorable Pet Family session!


Eek! This week has been flying by and in between editing wedding photos and scouting wedding locations for this upcoming weekend, I have been slowly chipping away at my blog and transferring everything over from my old blog! I found another post that I really loved and wanted to re-share on my new blog as well!

So. I wanted to talk a little bit about how I prepare for a wedding! I got an email a couple of weeks ago from an aspiring photographer who had some questions for me and one of the things he asked was how I prepare for a wedding. So I would love to share that answer publicly here and hope that it gives others a clear image of what should go into the preparation of an upcoming wedding. Let’s break it down!


– Taking excellent care of yourself – If I feel a cold coming on, I am downing the OJ like no one’s business and resting up. It’s important to take good care of yourself during the wedding season, because neither you or the bride & groom want a sick photographer!

-Cleaning your camera – I clean my sensor at least once a week, especially if I am anticipating a wedding on the weekend

-Scout the locations – During the week I take the time to scout specific locations I would like to use at the EXACT scheduled time that we would be there for photos.. In the past I have chosen an amazing location only to be disappointed when the sun is in the wrong spot to showcase what I wanted. Be aware of the sun and pinpoint the location to the time of day!


-Check in with your clients to make sure everything is still on schedule and going smoothly! It’s also a great time to remind them of any props you decided on for the wedding and make sure they don’t have any unanswered questions!

-Purchase/get ready the batteries for your flashes.

-Gas up your vehicle.

-Charge all of your batteries for both your primary camera and your backup camera

-Clean all your lenses

-Make sure you have your camera bag ready. For me this includes making sure my “wedding bag” is stocked with all the things I need.. mmm note to self: New blog post idea!

-DON’T eat anything spicy or anything that will cause gas the next day or um… other ugly tummy troubles. This is the LAST thing you want to deal with on a wedding day.

-Plan what to wear. Nothing too dressy, but nothing to casual. You need to be comfortable as to move around freely so keep this in mind.

-Chillax! Ain’t no body want an overworked photographer! Take this opportunity to pop in your favorite show and relax. Drink copious amounts of water and eat well.

-Go to bed early. Sleep is key. You have to be on your A-GAME the next day!


-Charge up your phone. It’s important to have a phone with you on the day of a wedding in case the bride/groom need to reach you, to check the time, check inspiration photos, or even click a few phone shots for Instagram.

-Format your memory cards – DO THIS EVERY TIME!! SERIOUSLY!

-Check and double check your bag to make sure all of your batteries are there, your memory cards and your flashes

-Go over your itinerary! If you don’t have one, that’s an issue for another blog post!! Memorize your clients names and make sure you know where to be at what time.

-Eat a healthy meal. This is important since it may be hours before your next one!

-Relax and listen to some easy going music. I personally love Drake and some Rihanna… but my playlist is also a whole other blog post!

-Click through some inspiration photos of different poses you want to try or looks you want to achieve that day.

-Breath. Know that you are going to do a great job and have confidence.

Alright guys!! I hope this helps some of you to be better prepared for weddings!

Yay!! I still love that article just as much as the day I wrote it and I must admit, I did sneak a couple more tips in there for you as well!

I wanted to share from an AMAZING lifestyle/pet session I had last fall with my past wedding clients Sheila & Craig! They joined me in the park with their adorable little dog and we did some dog family photos! I just love it when people bring their pets to sessions… and did I mention how much I LOVE seeing my past wedding clients!?! It’s always such an honor to be a continuing part of their lives!

Here are just a few from that session!


Stay Amazing,


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