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Socks + The Raddest Fitness Trainer in Saskatoon!


Well today, I am finishing up a wedding set and doing never ending piles of laundry (where do the boys socks REALLY disappear to!? – It’s actually a phenomenon). I was sifting through my old blog and decided to share yet another of my favorite posts because over the past year this wonderful woman and I have become friends and I am super lucky to have met her! Also I have to note that since writing this, Debra has also competed in fitness competitions and shows and continually kicks A$$! So here it is!! (please keep in mind this was written awhile back!)


Change is hard! It takes time! It takes perseverance! It takes DEDICATION. No one knows this better than Saskatoon personal trainer Debra Coutts. For everyone who knows me well, they know that weight loss is something I have struggled with off and on for the past few years since having kids. A few months ago, I put it out there that I wanted to make some changes and asked for names of excellent personal trainers. One name kept popping up over and over again… Debra’s name!

When I met Debra for the first time, it was like a breath of fresh air. I mean, this woman ACTUALLY cares! She wants people to be healthy, she wants people to be fit, and she wants people to be happy. That’s a rarity in this lifetime if you ask me! Not only does she care, but one look at her tells you she has a lot of dedication to her own health & fitness and it sure has paid off. Debra went on to win a 6 week ab challenge and absolutely nailed it, won it and took home the prize. The greatest prize? The boost of self confidence and some knockout abs. The first time I trained with Debra, it seemed innocent enough at first. We kept up a steady stream of chatter while she went Biggest Loser on my butt and the kicker came afterward. I couldn’t move my arms for a week! From then on, walking into the gym, I could tell just by the look on her face what she had in store. She pushed me, she motivated me, and even when road blocks like crappy knees and a bad back arose, she moved around those stealthily, coming up with new and unique exercises that fit my needs.

Debra is awesome. She is someone who I can definitely aspire to be like in health and fitness. She is a motivator and a mentor. In my opinion, everyone needs someone like this in their lives.

Debra competed in a 6 pack ab challenge and totally won! Part of Debra’s prize was a free photo-shoot of her hard work on camera! I was so honored and thrilled to be a part of her rewarding journey and I am sharing some of the photos from the session with you now. For inspiration, advice, tips, tricks or motivation check out Debra’s page and like her at Debra Coutts – Fitness Junkie

Stay amazing,

xo – Martine Sansoucy

Credit: Hair & Makeup for shoot by Danielle Konjolka of Hair and Makeup by Dani

Photos from 6 Pack Ab Challenge contest – Peter Carvell

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