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Will I EVER do a workshop + Talking about my boys



I hope all of you had a fantastical weekend! I know I did! My Saturday was spent with Naomi and Derek on their wedding day and it was a really amazing day. The sun was shining, there was not a cloud in the sky, it was pretty much the PERFECT Spring wedding! Not to mention I got to ride along in a pimped out party bus with a super fun wedding party… can we just talk about how much I love my job!?

Sunday was a day of relaxation.. I slept like a baby until around 9:30 and then got up and caught myself up on all my favorite YouTubers and fumbled around on Pinterest for awhile (oooh Pinterest… so much time wasted and so much pinned that I will NEVER do!).

So today, I am back on track with my daily routine and I had a Webinar this morning that literally told me absolutely nothing new about Facebook or Instagram so it was a massive waste of a precious hour I could have spent editing.

So seriously… not even a week goes by without my receiving a message about workshops… will I do a workshop? Do I put on wedding workshops? Do I ever consider mentoring? Will I do a workshop on creatives? Etc, etc, etc… EEK!!! Well first of all… I am utterly flabbergasted and pretty humbled that someone would actually WANT me to do a workshop, let alone so many already great photographers! Secondly, if I am being honest the thought of doing a workshop terrifies me. If I seem confident when I am behind the computer or the camera that is because that is my better half alter ego, who is more social, witty and on point with communication. My OTHER alter ego (AKA the real me!) almost vomited in the parking lot before a Renee Robyn workshop where I was surrounded by other photographers and people I didn’t know. In fact, I ended up paralyzed and glued to my seat for the entire workshop, afraid to get up or look around. I am sure some thought I came off as snobby when actually I was just super shy and unwilling to attempt awkward conversation. Yup. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to big crowds of people I don’t know… in fact I have often brought my camera to big events for that exact reason. So I can hide behind my lens and so my alter ego will come out to play. Otherwise I may just BE the most awkward fumbling idiot of an excuse for a human being ever.

I will also say, that if any school or technically taught photographer were to look at my camera’s histogram they would probably feel a little squeemish at the least! I do NOTHING by the book, and therefore I don’t feel like I have a lot to offer in terms of teaching the correct technicalities of photography. For MYSELF, I am incredibly happy with having found exactly what works for me in my photography and I have had great success with breaking the technical rules of photography, however that doesn’t mean I am not always picking up new techniques and education that will add to my train-wreck of a histogram haha. I don’t think I will ever do things by the book 😉

So as of right now I have no immediate plans of putting on a workshop, and I am so sorry about this for all the people who have so wonderfully reached out to me on this topic! HOWEVER, I would LOVE to one day at least offer a creative workshop on either weddings or editorials, and I just have to find the right platform for me to do this in. So if anyone has any suggestions on what they would like a workshop to be about, please leave me a suggestion in the comment box below! I would love to hear from you!

Another topic that has been broached a few times more recently by some of my closer friends and clients is…. why don’t you EVER post anything about your kids!? You hardly ever talk about your kids online!

Now, let me be clear… I am a mother FIRST and foremost in life. They are seriously the greatest things ever and I love my boys dearly. This is why I also respect their privacy and value them as individuals. Unfortunately I have been hit by many weird and obsessive stalker type situations and people, which makes me feel highly uneasy about sharing too much personal information about my private life. This includes my boys of course. Although I am sure they would be perfectly okay with me posting photos of them all the time, I don’t feel they are actually mature enough to understand the repercussions of their faces, names, and information being made so public. I do believe that every parent should be this careful, not just a parent who’s business is in the public eye. There are a lot of really disgusting and twisted dangerous people out there who look for details, information and photos of children and could locate them easily if they wanted by all the information that parents post about them online! This is a serious problem to me, and I would prefer to error on the side of caution! I value my privacy a LOT and I really appreciate everyone continuing to respect that 🙂

This is not to say that I do not share tidbits about my boys here and there on my own private Facebook account and occasionally professional images on my public Facebook page and my personal Instagram account. Be rest assured though, my life at home as a single mom is busy, entertaining and never dull with my three boys around and we have many great adventures! 😀

So again, please leave a suggestion in the comment box below on whether you think I should do a workshop or not, and if so, what would you want the workshop topic to be!?

xo – Martine

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