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Stunning Prince Albert Wedding! (+ Getting Out of a Rut!)

Hello beautiful people!

I know it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I will tell you why! Not only was I battling a sinus flu/infection but I’ve had some personal stuff going on that had me STRESSED OUT! I got into this silly rut of feeling down and depressed over things that I had no control over and I let it influence the way that I lived my life the past couple of weeks. A few days ago, I finally got out a list that I had created sometime last year. It’s a list of things I do to get myself out of a rut and back to feeling motivated and inspired. Like always, as I started checking things off my list, I started to feel better and better… and today, I feel amazing. This checklist has pretty much worked for me without fail, and I am so happy that I created it. Life does not always go as planned, it’s not always kind to you, it’s not always possible to stay motivated and inspired 100% of the time (especially those who work in a creative field, I KNOW you know what I mean!). So it’s important to know how and when you need to take proactive measures to ensure you get back on track as quickly as possible! That being said, it’s equally important sometimes to give yourself a rest, be kind to YOURSELF, and take some time to regroup and recuperate when things happen.

I would LOVE to hear from YOU! Comment below and tell me how you get yourself out of a rut, and what kinds of things you find work for motivating and inspiring you!

So I am feeling amazing and have been making some incredible plans for my life and business. I am so excited to start sharing all of these plans with you soon!

Otherwise, things are good. Life is constantly changing, the season is changing and there are so many amazing weddings, shoots and projects I have coming up! The boys are keeping me as busy as always and I am looking forward to our exciting holidays and trips this year. I am determined to make this one of the best years ever!

With that, I am leaving you with a throwback of Kristi & Justin’s AHHHMAZING Prince Albert Saskatchewan wedding! Enjoy!


We had so much fun on this beautiful day in Prince Albert Saskatchewan! The ceremony was held in the Art Hauser Center and there were definitely some tears that day!


We had so much fun with such a great wedding party after the ceremony and it was great to see Kristi & Justin with their daughters too!


The reception was beautifully decorated and it was also held at the Art Hauser Center in Prince Albert Saskatchewan!


Such an amazing day with this beautiful couple! Definitely a favorite in my wedding portfolio!

xoxo – Martine

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